A new Forbes study ranks states by the quality of and access to mental health care. Arizona finds itself plummeting towards the bottom of the list, placing 7th among worst states.

The report looks at several different metrics, including: number of mental health treatment centers, percentage of adults who did not receive mental health treatment in the past year and percentage of adults with any mental illness who are uninsured.

Arizona received a score of 72.75/100. Factors that influenced the score include:

The fourth highest percentage of youth who had a major depressive episode in the past year and didn’t receive mental health treatment 10th highest percentage of children with private health insurance that doesn’t cover mental or emotional problems.

Looking at other factors that led to Arizona’s poor score:

In 2022, just over 12% of adults in the state with mental illness needed therapy but didn’t receive any. Just over 11% of Arizona adults with mental illness do not have insurance.



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