If you’re feeling more stressed out than usual, you’re not alone: Arizona is the 12th-most stressed state in the nation, according to new research.

Experts at WalletHub analyzed varying factors like hours worked per week, average income, and people living in poverty as well as things like divorce rate and mental health.

With all of the research taken into account, here’s how Arizona stacked up:

Family-related stress: #10 Money-related stress: #11 Health & safety-related stress: #20 Work-related stress: #39 Overall: #12 Source: WalletHub

Some states in the Southwest were higher-ranked than most, with New Mexico coming in at No. 3 and Nevada in No. 5. New Mexico even placed first for the most family-related stress.

But neighboring Utah was rated the second-least stressed state with the lowest amount of work-related issues, according to the research.

Mississippi clocked in as the most stressed state, while Minnesota rounded out the list as the most relaxed.