There’s a breeze that sounds like a light melody as it blows through the plants in Oracle State Park. The only other thing you can hear in the middle of the park is the crunch of hikers boots on the gravel.

Bob and Lynn Gottfried are one of those hikers, eager to continue exploring their favorite park.

“You go in the mountains or the hills it’s true therapy,” Bob said.

The couple comes to the park and hike all the time.

“For the first of the year, you have to start it off right here,” Bob said.

So for the Gottfrieds, it’s exciting for all the state and national parks to host the annual First Day Hikes on January 1st. Many parks across the state will be hosting guided hikes with activities for the whole family. A list of the parks and their events can be found here.

“It just helps you get outside and that really does help with that hustle and bustle that we have to do through the holidays,” Sinda Sutton, the Oracle State Park manager said.