Menswear company Psycho Bunny is teaming up with Arizonan Justin “J.” Pierce for its artist series.

Once homeless and living out of his car, he now has opportunities like joining his collaborator for the grand opening of a new store location at La Encantada mall.

Psycho Bunny’s grand opening lasted from 2 – 6 p.m. Saturday. It featured live music, a cocktail bar, as well as a chance to win J. Pierce artwork.

“And the cool thing is, is like, I represent Arizona as a whole and I do all my cactus pieces… I do a lot of my landscapes and stuff for people who don’t even live in Arizona so, ya know, it’s perfect,” he expressed. “I represent A-Z as a whole, I felt like this is, this is awesome, it’s a blessing, man; I’m thankful.”

The description for the $75 ‘Arizona Tee’ reads:

Crafted for Psycho Bunnys Artist Series, featuring the artwork of renowned Arizona-based modern artist Justin Pierce, this custom graphicprinted, as always, on our ultra-soft Pima cotton teechannels Pierces personal connection to the southwestern state. Vibrant and richly detailed, his desert landscape-inspired reimagining of the Bunny emblem boasts his signature use of bold color and pattern.