As the conflict in the Middle East continues and the death tolls in Gaza rising, Rabbi Sara Metz works to call every single member of the synagogue.

“We’re not okay,” she said. “It is just heartbreaking.”

She said they are adding more prayers and support services for the community.

“We’ve changed some of our Shabbat and holiday services to include extra prayers and songs,” she said. “Including the national anthem of Israel, which is about hope.”

Not only will they have more prayers and songs, but more security around the synagogue.

“We will be holding services and we have heightened security,” Metz said.

But hope and light are at the top of their minds. This weekend, it’s time to re-read the Torah from the beginning, where God let there be light in the darkness in the book of Genesis.

“We can only get through this together,” she said. “Even with the hate out there, we’ll continue to gather together with love and peace and supporting each other.”