Tucsons airport reflects part of the migrant situation.

A large share of the migrant surge passes through Tucson International as asylum seekers move on to sponsor families elsewhere in the country but it can take some special care to get people on planes.

Bus rides are not the only way migrants move around the country. Migrants at Tucson International Airport are legally in the United States. Federal immigration authorities have allowed them into the country based on whats called credible fear of danger in their home countries. They are permitted to be here while they wait for court hearings to decide if they will get permanent asylum.

Visiting Tucson from Portland, Ruth McCullough was impressed by the variety of countries the migrants come from.

Not Mexicans at all. Guatemalans, Venezuela is a big one, yeah. People from South America as well as Central America that are coming in and theyre just looking for a place thats safe.

Their fares may be paid by other family members.

Migrant shelter programs like Casas Alitas provide translators and get TSAs permission to go with migrants past the checkpoint to departure gates if needed.

The migrants carry papers from immigration authorities confirming temporary permission to be in the U.S. and reminding them of court dates to decide if they can stay permanently.