Austin Energy is charging up Navajo Nation, providing power to some homes for the first time.

Crews installed about 100 new power poles and over eight miles of overhead wires. During the two week effort, the company says 11 crew members and 10 Austin Energy trucks traveled over four thousand round-trip miles.

To complete the operation, Austin Energy received assistance from Navajo tribal utilities as well as other public power providers from around the country.

Bringing power to those that have never had it makes you realize how fortunate we are and how important it is to help where we can. Im so proud that Austin Energy joined with other public power providers to invest in this effort and am thankful to be part of a community that values serving others,” Norris Eason, an Austin Energy distribution electrician supervisor said.

This isn’t the first time Austin Energy has charged up Navajo Nation either; the company says it completed a similar operation back in 2022.