Tucson is about to soar to new heights, with one aviation group planning to bring 250 jobs to the city over the next three years.

The MHI RJ Aviation Group is looking for their next batch of 100 employees this year, and if you love living in Tucson, then you could be the right match.

With more flights in the air than before, they are trying to meet customer demand for the maintenance of the CRJ series aircraft and other products.

Ross Mitchell, Vice President of Communications for MHI RJ, told me about the type of qualifications they’re looking for in this big job hunt.

We would like for people to have experience. So, if youre an aircraft technician, if you have an A&P license wed certainly like to talk to you. If you have experience with structural work, with metal work, wed like to talk to you,” said Mitchell.

MHI RJ wants to keep employees happy, but say most importantly they want you to love where you live.

John Voorhees, Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer for Tucson Airport Authority, not only says Tucson is the best place for the expansion, but calls it a community effort.

The entire community benefits,” said Voorhees. “Certainly from a numbers perspective, more revenue equals more tax dollars for the community which allows us to build the thing that we need to sustain the community and grow it.

Voorhees also tells me they employ many veterans and it would be a great place to be if youre transitioning out of the service.

MHI RJ says there is a heavy emphasis on hiring a younger age group, noting that the current cohort in this industry is getting older.

Because the aircraft we maintain are regional aircraft and they are vitally important to keep the nations smaller cities connected to the larger centers,” said Mitchell.

Don’t miss the upcoming job fair this Wednesday, Feb. 28 at the MHI RJ Tucson Facility at 1555 East Aero Park Boulevard, from 4:30 – 6 p.m.