Yogis came together for the first ever Arizona Aum Festival at Brandi Fenton Memorial Park on April 27.

TC Chicago said earlier this year she and three other yoga instructors were getting coffee when the idea of hosting a festival came to them.

We all have different gifts and we all got together and said, lets just start creating. Everybody sort of threw all their creativity into the pot and this is what we came up with, Chicago said.

The festival ran from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm and featured local vendors in the health and wellness industry and had over 20 instructors leading different sessions throughout the day. The sessions took place at different stations at the park ranging from meditation, sound and reiki as well as different types of yoga.

So youve got yin and yang, Chicago said. So the really slow meditative and then the really powerful, active and really everywhere in between.

While the event was free to attend, a silent auction was held with all proceeds going back to the non-profit, Beads of Courage. The organization supports youth who have a serious illness.

Chicago said they hope to plan more festivals in the future. She said, Our passion is people and our passion is loving on people and yoga just happens to be the way that we do it.