The Si Charro! restaurant group, owner of Tucson staple El Charro and relative newcomers Charro Steak and The Monica, are closing Barrio Charro to make way for a new eatery this fall.

Barrio Charro, 3699 N. Campbell Ave., will close its doors for good at 3 p.m. Sunday, July 30.

Si Charro! has not yet announced its plans behind the new restaurant, other than to say it will open in September of this year. Ray Flores, president of the restaurant group, says more information will be released in the upcoming month.

Barrio Charro opened during the pandemic, combining the talents of two Tucson food scene powerhouses, Don Guerra of Barrio Bread and Carlotta Flores of El Charro. Serving up tortas and other bread-centric staples, the daytime restaurant became popular among the city’s brunch crowd.

This official message from Si Charro! will be posted at Barrio Charro after Sunday:

<i>Dear Friends &amp; Guests,</i> <i>Thank you for visiting this Si Charro! Restaurant, as you can see, we have temporarily closed this location effective&nbsp;as of&nbsp;7/30/23 to make way for some delicious new changes that we are sure you are going to love!</i> <i>We will soon be announcing our reopening plans for a brand-new SiCharro! concept for early September 2023, so please stay tuned to this location or </i><a href=”” link-data=”{&quot;;:{&quot;_ref&quot;:&quot;00000166-21e3-db7f-a1fe-f3e78bbc0000&quot;,&quot;_type&quot;:&quot;ae3387cc-b875-31b7-b82d-63fd8d758c20&quot;},&quot;cms.content.publishDate&quot;:1690499051774,&quot;cms.content.publishUser&quot;:{&quot;_ref&quot;:&quot;0000017e-8d0e-d4ed-adff-af1fe8f50000&quot;,&quot;_type&quot;:&quot;6aa69ae1-35be-30dc-87e9-410da9e1cdcc&quot;},&quot;cms.content.updateDate&quot;:1690499051774,&quot;cms.content.updateUser&quot;:{&quot;_ref&quot;:&quot;0000017e-8d0e-d4ed-adff-af1fe8f50000&quot;,&quot;_type&quot;:&quot;6aa69ae1-35be-30dc-87e9-410da9e1cdcc&quot;},&quot;link&quot;:{&quot;attributes&quot;:[],&quot;url&quot;:&quot;;,&quot;_id&quot;:&quot;00000189-9998-d777-a1e9-df9f62370000&quot;,&quot;_type&quot;:&quot;ff658216-e70f-39d0-b660-bdfe57a5599a&quot;},&quot;linkText&quot;:&quot;Si Charro! &quot;,&quot;_id&quot;:&quot;00000189-9998-d777-a1e9-df9f622b0000&quot;,&quot;_type&quot;:&quot;809caec9-30e2-3666-8b71-b32ddbffc288&quot;}”>Si Charro!</a><i> for more information and updates.</i> <i>The Flores Concepts and Si Charro! Family of restaurants appreciates your support and looks forward to serving you again with a fresh new concept featuring brunch, lunch, dinner… and catering!</i> <i>For any questions or information, please call 520-372-1922 or email us at&nbsp;</i><a href=””><i></i></a> <i>Thanks Tucson, we will see you back here shortly.&nbsp; Viva Si Charro!</i>