Its the season of giving, but doing good in the hood is the year-round mission for Barrio Restoration. Founder David Garcia works to restore the respect of the streets on Tucson’s Southside with community clean-ups.

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He also brings the community together to design pots for plants, having installed them throughout different parts of Tucson’s Southside. These pots are made from tires, but only part of the tire is used. This year, he was inspired to use the leftover parts of the tires for wreaths.

Just the other day my father-in law took a piece of my tire and brought me a prototype. Pretty unbelievable and amazing just because it inspired this whole thing, Garcia explained .

Through social media and help from the community, his idea for another community event came to life.

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He made ten wreaths and said they sold out pretty quickly. With the money he raised and donations from neighbors, Garcia put together 60 stockings full of gifts for kids in the Fairgrounds Barrio.

Southside neighbor Martina Leon-Rodriguez purchased her wreath before they sold out. I got a wreath, you know, that I can put in my house and my door, but more than anything because I know it will impact the neighborhood, she said.

Garcia plans on giving out the stockings at “Barrio Christmas,” a party he’s hosting to bring his community together. For his neighbors, his mission to beautify the neighborhood goes beyond the streets he cleans.

I think it makes us proud of where we live. It just kind of feels more inviting to neighbors, expressed Leon-Rodriguez.

The party is scheduled at La Mariposa Park 301 E. Aviation Dr. on Saturday, Dec. 16 from 11 AM to 1 PM. They will have hot cocoa, tamales, menudo and gifts. People are also welcome to bring tamales for sharing with others.