A black bear that killed a man in the Prescott area last week showed all signs of being healthy, according to tests done by Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Video in the player above highlights an official news briefing on the day of the attack.

Arizona Game and Fishs wildlife veterinarian conducted a necropsy on the bear that was killed by a neighbor during the attack, coming to the conclusion that the attack was “predatory” in nature and “unprovoked.”

Bears are predators, and when acting aggressively toward humans can attack, injure and kill,” officials said.

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The veterinarian determined the bear was between 7 and 10 years old, weighing 365 pounds. The bear was in good condition with no signs of disease and a rabies test came back with negative results.

AZGFD says the bear was also in good nutritional condition based on body fat calculations and native vegetation found inside the bear at the time of death.

During the necropsy, the veterinarian found human remains inside the bear consistent with the injuries of the victim of the deadly attack.

The veterinarian says the bears cause of death was due to multiple gunshot wounds suffered when bystanders tried to stop the attack.