Sex trafficking is a nationwide problem.

According to the National Human Trafficking Hotline, Arizona ranked 14th in the country in 2021 for trafficking signals.

Signals are defined as any calls, texts or emails sent to the hotline regarding trafficking.

There’s a growing number of women that really need this help. And so that’s, that’s kind of where this whole thing came from, said Andy Thomas, who is the executive director of Beauty from Ashes Ranch.

The ranch will be one of the newest options in Southern Arizona, and one of the first specifically geared to sex trafficking, south of Casa Grande.

Having no facility south of Phoenix, meant that this is a prime opportunity for us to open, do this really well and perhaps even kind of expand throughout the state because not a lot of programs exist to kind of service these needs, said Thomas.

The president of the board, Cindy Mechtel, is a current officer for Tucson Police Department.

Mechtel says they are getting their ranch ready to serve women aged 18-24.

Where I can actually be part of the other side of an arrest and help victims with the healing process and helping them live fulfilled healthy lives after, after the whole prosecution process is really fulfilling for me, said Mechtel.

The goal is for the ranch to be opened by early 2025.

They keep the location of the ranch private to protect the trafficking victims.

More information including how to donate to the organization can be found on their website.