Bellas Gelato, a local favorite, is more than just a place to satisfy your sweet toothit’s a tribute to a beloved four-legged friend.

The story behind Bellas Gelato begins with an unexpected adoption. The original owners of Bellas Gelato Truck welcomed Bella into their lives, unaware of the profound impact she would have on them. Despite being deaf or blindher exact condition remains a mysteryBella brought joy into the lives of so many.

Elizabeth Sebring, the current owner, recalls Bella’s magnetic personality: “She’s just made a name for herself and just her personality. You know all dogs are great. We love all of them, but she just had a personality that was just like you were her best friend. She would just meet somebody and just a special sweet puppy.”

Although Bella passed away in 2019, her spirit lives on within the walls of Bellas Gelato. The shop, which started as a food truck, expanded into a brick-and-mortar establishment to honor Bella’s legacy and continue spreading her infectious joy.

In addition to serving up scoops of gelato, Bellas Gelato is renowned for its dog-friendly atmosphere, even having a designated gelato called ‘gelpawto’.