With the holidays right around the corner, Bikes for Tikes is making sure local families in need have gifts for their kids this Christmas.

Dozens of bikes were given to families from Liberty Head Start and Santa Rosa Head Start schools.

And what the organization gets in return is priceless.

Because of the smiles, said Marty Moreno, founder of Bikes for Tikes, “and the hugs that we get from them, they’re just very appreciative, as are the parents.

Bikes for Tikes is organized by Moreno and raises money from current and former Tucson Police Department officers.

And Moreno says the need stretches far beyond Tucson.

We’ve been asked if we could go outside of Tucson to other locations; for example, in Douglas and Nogales, or other sites, Moreno said.

And while he hopes to expand one day, he also hopes other departments across the state follow suit.

It would be so advantageous and they would have as much success as we are having. So hopefully we can convince other agencies to start doing this. It would be great, Moreno said.

Bikes for Tikes new website is expected to launch next year.