A reintroduced bill aims at tackling the wastewater pipeline that has had numerous issues for the town of Nogales.

The Nogales Wastewater Improvement Act of 2023 would transfer ownership of the International Outfall Interceptor known as an IOU to the International Boundary and Water Commission for future maintenance and infrastructure repairs.

The town has had numerous issues will raw sewage spilling into the waterways.

Representative Raul Grijalva hopes that the government can step in and make the much needed repairs.

Its time Congress finally took the necessary steps to end the persistent public health threats surrounding the IOI so that the people of Nogales can rest assured the health and well-being of their families are protected from harmful wastewater, said Rep. Grijalva.  Every community should be able to live in an environment that guarantees clean air, water and opportunities to thrive free from environmental hazards. This legislation will move us toward that goal.

He says so far the bill has seen bi-partisan support. It needs to be approved by congress.

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