The Border Security Alliance spoke out after the $118.3 billion bipartisan border deal and foreign aid package did not receive the number of votes needed in the initial procedural vote for it to move forward.

The National Security Supplemental package was done in part by Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema.

The Senate voted 49-50 on proceeding with the bill, while 60 votes were needed in its favor. Four Republican senators voted to move it forward, while the rest of the GOP senators voted against it. It was also voted against by five democrats and independent Bernie Sanders.

The deal included money for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan. In addition to the foreign aid, the bill included new restrictive border measures. The border measures included a limit on the number of asylum seekers accepted and would have increased the proof required for initial screening of asylum seekers.

Were very disappointed that there wasnt the vote to get it on the floor, just to debate the bill, said Border Security Alliance President, Jobe Dicksinson. Not everything is perfect, with such a divided government and a small margin between the two parties theres going to have to be compromise, theres going to have to be debate We at the Border Security Alliance really wish that the bill would have gone to the floor.