While life is slowly returning to business as usual in Downtown Bisbee, tourism in this town is still booming. And that success has led two iconic businesses in Bisbee to hit the marketincluding the 122-year-old Copper Queen Hotel.

“Bisbee is flourishing,” real estate agent Michelle Hagele tells me. “It was on Travel Lemming’s Top 50 places to visit for 2024.”

And when in Bisbee, one of the top places to visit is the Copper Queen Hotel. Built in 1902, it survived the major fire of 1908 and has survived the closing of the copper mine in 1974.

“The oldest running continuous hotel in the in Arizona,” says Hagele of the Copper Queen. “It pre-dates statehood.”

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Now after major renovations the past five years, it’s for sale. And Hagele says, with the property listed at $12.5 million, they’ve had a lot of interest.

The 48-room hotel, complete with a restaurant and bar, also comes with a remarkable history.

“Many famous people have stayed hereJohn Wayne, Teddy Roosevelt,” says Hagele. The Copper Queen is also famous for as many as 16 spirits haunting the hotel. Hagele jokes the ghosts come free of charge.

But there’s no joking that the owner sees an opportunity to capitalize on a successful business in a still-hot market.

While the Copper Queen is a unique property with an historic designation, Hagele tells me she’s confident it will sell rather quickly.

“One of those ‘it’s time to move on and let’s sell while it’s good’,” she says. “We’re just looking for the person who’s ready to write the next chapter in this timeless tale of heritage and hospitality.”


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And it’s not just the Copper Queen hitting the market. Cafe Roka, a very popular restaurant on downtown Bisbee’s Main Street, is also for sale.

The owners are hoping someone will take over and continue the legacy of this restaurant that dates back to 1992.

Neither sale is related to the Main Street fire that damaged two historic buildings eight weeks ago.

Copper Queen Hotel For Sale


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