Nestled on the southeast side of Tucson’s entertainment hub that is North 4th Avenue, a new diner has emerged, breathing fresh, breakfast-and-brunch life into the district’s dining scene.

Black Iris Cafe, the avenue’s first diner in years, has opened its doors, offering a fusion of classic comfort fare and inventive delights.

The spot that houses Black Iris has been home to various other establishments, from a donut haven (Holy Donuts) to a French bistro (Blush).

Now, the space has the aroma of biscuits and gravy and the sizzle of corn ribs wafting through.

Tom Struck, one of the cafe’s owners, shared insights into Black Iris’ culinary vision, explaining how the partners landed on their classic diner concept.

“We decided we wouldnt go with ethnic-style food, because um Well, neither one of us is very ethnic to begin with,” chuckled Struck, encapsulating the cafe’s approach to dining.

Since its grand opening, Black Iris has already stirred excitement among Tucson’s food enthusiasts.

According to Struck, plans are underway to expand the experience with a bar at the restaurant’s rear, promising patrons an extended rendezvous into the night.

As the buzz grows, locals and visitors alike eagerly anticipate indulging in Black Iris Cafe’s culinary creations, drawn not only by its tantalizing menu but also by its contribution to the ever-evolving tapestry of Tucson’s dining culture.

Currently, Black Iris is open Tuesday through Sunday, from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m.