It was a packed house in the Sahuarita City Council Chambers as house republicans continued to say the border crisis is the Biden Administrations fault.

The main problem is we need an administration that enforces the current laws,” Republican Representative from Ohio Jim Jordan said.

The House Judiciary Committee held another border field hearing in Arizona, calling a former Arizona Border Patrol Chief, a mom who has lost a son to a drug overdose, a former Cochise County Sheriff’s Deputy, and a rancher as witnesses.

You can re-watch the full hearing online.

The seven congressmen at the hearing were all Republicans. According to a spokesperson for Congressman Jordan, the Chair of the Judiciary, Democrats from the committee were invited but none decided to come to Arizona.

The congressmen collectively said President Bidens actions, like signing executive orders preventing wall construction, putting a 100-day moratorium on deportations, and ending “Remain in Mexico” have led to the record number of apprehensions over the last three years.

This White House and Administration is paying the price for their inaction,” Arizona Republican Representative Juan Ciscomani said.

The odds of us getting the Biden Administration to do something about the border is remote,” Oregon Republican Representative Cliff Bentz said.

But earlier this year President Biden did want to do something.

In January, Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema negotiated a border deal which Biden supported. If passed it would have limited the amount of people who can claim asylum in the U.S.

But it never even got out of the senate, as former President Trump told republicans to vote against it.

But as politicians in D.C. play the border blame game, everyday Arizonans pay the price.

Even though Sam made poor choices he was a good person,” Jill Fagan Alexander said about her late son.

I have images now of over 3,050 people coming through the ranch, marching north,” Jim Chilton said about videos of smugglers captured on his ranch.

Many in the crowd were there to show their support for President Trump and Republicans.

Ron Schreckengosd is from Sahuarita and said border issues are a big reason why he will vote for the former President. His son is a Border Patrol Agent.

Everyone thinks [Trump’s] in a lot of trouble, and he isnt the nicest guy,” Schreckengosd said. “But he is the best for our country and I am going to support him 100 percent.”