A KGUN9 viewer sent in this video of a bobcat taking a drink from a fountain in their Oro Valley backyard.

In the original video, the person recording is walking towards the wild animal.

Mark Hart with Arizona Game and Fish described why that’s not a good idea.

“Well I’ve seen worse, but in general, you should never approach wildlife. They’re just too unpredictable, Hart said.

Bobcats, especially, can be quite fierce. And if there were, say a loud noise or something else that startled the bobcat, its reaction can be unpredictable. You can be badly injured by a bobcat,” he added.

Hart said it’s important to haze wild animals like this so they don’t get too comfortable around people. That includes waving your arms and yelling at the animal. Once an animal gets too comfortable around people, it may become dangerous and eventually attack someone nearby.

As for whether you should let the animal get water first Hart said it’s a judgment call. But when it’s done drinking, you should scare it away.