Authorities in Texas want to find out who stuffed a body inside a suitcase and left it on the side of a hill. The luggage was first spotted on Thursday by people who were feeding animals on the ranch in Bexar County, according to Sheriff Javier Salazar. 

“There wasn’t really a whole lot of effort to hide the body, other than it was inside of a suitcase,” Salazar said during a briefing with reporters. 

Authorities have not been able to identify the body.

“We don’t know anything about the gender of the remains or how long the remains have been out here,” Salazar said. 

Salazar said the medical examiner will provide details about the deceased individual, including how the person died.

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The ranch where the body was found is in a rural area of the county, which includes San Antonio. 

Salazar noted that there were areas on the property where burn marks were present, so the Fire Marshall was called in to determine whether there was an effort to burn the body.

A search warrant was also being sought in the investigation. 

The people who own the land were reportedly out of town when the discovery was made. However, Salazar said they are cooperating with authorities.

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