Boo at the Zoo has become a popular event in Tucson, bringing in thousands of people to trick or treat at the Reid Park Zoo, 3400 E. Zoo Ct.

The fundraiser usually takes place on the weekend before Halloween, but not this year. Reid Park Zoo officials added another weekend to the event this year to fit in more trick-or-treaters.

We were getting a high demand for this. And so, we’ve increased the number of days this year,” Reid Park Zoo CEO Nancy Kluge explained, “We are doing six days for the first time, over two weekends. And it’s worked out just great.

This year, the Zoo has put together over 15 different exhibits, from pirates and princesses, to aliens and spiders.

“The whole community comes out to support it,” Kluge said, “We have some superheroes, Spiderman, Batman and Star Wars characters. We have princesses. We have pirates, we have steam. And all of those folks volunteer their time to come out here.”

Kluge grew up going to the Reid Park Zoo, and for her, the mission is about creating memories.

“Our main mission at Reid Park Zoo is protecting wild animals and wild places,” said Kluge, “But another important part of our mission is creating inspiring memories and having a place where families can get together to just have fun.”

According to the Reid Park Zoo, “Proceeds raised by the event benefit zoo animal care, operations and education programs.”