Theres a little less than two months until April 15 – the date at which taxes are due.

While the deadline is approaching, theres still time to donate to a local nonprofit in your neighborhood and get credit for it.

Single filers can donate up to $471 while joint filers can donate $938.

One of the qualified organizations in Tucson is the Angel Heart Pajama Project. Patti Lopez is the director and Judy Welch is a volunteer.

Welch and Lopez work inside of a room inside Wakefield Middle School, bagging pajamas and books to give to kids in need across Tucson.

This is where the magic happens for children in need,” Lopez said.

Judy Welch has been volunteering for almost a decade.

While the process of putting together hundreds of books and pajamas can be monotonous, Welch says seeing the faces on the kids when they drop off the bags keeps her volunteering.

You get a bunch of toddlers and babies new pajamas, theyre all holding them up saying isnt this cute? So its fun.

The project works with more than 80 foster homes and Arizona based organizations to serve over 7,000 kids.

Lopez says children in the foster care system often don’t have much to call their own, and simply giving them something warm to wear, and something good to read can make a big difference.

We want them to know that they are cared about, that people love them, that there is something special for them,” Lopez said. “That they are each special.

The project runs off of donations and grants.

Lopez and Welch said they understand many organizations around Tucson do great work and need financial support, but they’d appreciate any donations that can be made this tax season.

Well make sure the money goes to buying more pajamas and books,” Lopez said.

You can donate by going on their website and clicking the PayPal link.

You can also mail a check to 1370 N. Silverbell Road, suite 140 in Tucson, zip code 85745. They will mail you back a receipt.

If you can’t donate any money, the Angel Heart Pajama Project is also looking for anyone who will donate their time and volunteer.

To claim your credit you need to fill out Form 352, download that here.

See the full list of tax credit eligible nonprofits here.