Early on Thursday morning, Border Patrol begins processing and then transporting hundreds of migrants.

They’ve been transported from the wall, and there all seems quiet.

But down the road, small groups of migrants have illegally crossed the border to the west of the port of entry.

Its cold, we dont have water, or food, or anything like that,” Cruz Estelle from the Dominican Republic said.

As agents face these continuing challenges, D.C. drama is ensuing over the border bill.

I keep hearing this is the best deal ever, but they wont even let us see it,” Republican Senator from Missouri Josh Hawley said.

He is one of the many Republican senators that have recently voiced their displeasure over current border negotiations.

Senator Mitt Romney is accusing former President Trump of meddling in the negotiations to keep immigration as a key issue in this years election.

The idea that someone running for president would say please hurt the country so it can help my politics is a shocking development,” Romney said.

Senator Kyrsten Sinema, one of the main negotiators on the bill, isnt concerned about the outside noise.

We feel confident when folks get a look at the legislation, theyll see how significant these changes are and how important it is we pass this legislation,” Sinema said.


Sinema told KGUN 9 a text will be available publicly early next week, but added solutions cant wait much longer.

While the numbers have decreased somewhat, theres still a steady number of migrants crossing in-between the ports of entry in Lukeville everyday,” Sinema said.

Last week over 11,000 migrants were apprehended in the Tucson Sector.