Record numbers of border crossings and summer heat are likely to be a deadly combination again this summer.

Tucson Border Patrol along with international partners made another plea to migrants, asking them not to risk their lives crossing through the desert.

The amount of death out here is likely to be unprecedented,” Tucson Sector Chief John Modlin said. “Because as they move away from the border, and move into those remote areas, we may not find them for years.

When a migrant calls 911 from the desert, helicopters from Air and Marine Operations respond.

With the summer approaching, theyre expecting an increase in distress calls.

In the most recent year of data, 2022, Tucson led all sectors in rescue incidents with 2,300.

“There is no place more dangerous to cross the border than in Arizona,” Modlin said.

The most common reason for a rescue is migrants exposure to heat.

Jose Murientes team with Air and Marine Operations are often responding in their Blackhawk helicopter. In the last year he says they have gone on over 100 rescue missions and used their hoist rescue mechanism 15 times.

We find the easiest way possible to get to the victim, stabilize them medically, and then get them to an ambulance or a nearby hospital,” Muriente said.

Agents also have off-road vehicles to help them access remote areas and avoid dangerous helicopter rescues.

They can be in such a remote place, on a mountain top, and if we didnt find them they would likely become a casualty,” BORSTAR agent Hal Roca said. “Its rewarding to help someone and do good work.

The presentation included Spanish speakers from the Mexican, Ecuadorian, and Guatemalan consulates in Arizona.

Even with the warnings from both sides of the border, the Tucson Sector continues to lead the country in encounters with over 300,000 in the last five months.