The union representing 18,000 Border Patrol agents and staff is reacting to the increasing numbers of migrants along the country’s southern border, and the resulting street releases.

I spoke to Art Del Cueto, the National Vice President of the union. Del Cueto is based here in the Tucson sector.

“Right now they’re getting released because there’s so many people that are coming in,” says Del Cueto. “The capacity of the detention facilities is only at a certain point, and right now, it’s a complete overflow.”

Del Cueto and the National Border Patrol Council are raising concerns over the street releases happening this week in places like Cochise County:

<b>Pat Parris</b>: “DHS personnel’s actually calling these ‘freedom runs.’ Is that correct?” <b>Del Cueto</b>: “Right, so I guess when they’re taking some of these individuals and dropping them off in these areas where they’re just street releasing them, the lingo that’s being used by the administration is at this point is ‘freedom runs,’ which that alone is extremely demoralizing to the agents out there putting their lives on the line. “They’re here to do a job and obviously processing is part of the job. But they realize that a lot of these individuals that are getting released are more than likely never going to show up to court. “The reason this is happening is because it’s the magnet that the current administration has created.”

Del Cueto tells me his real concern is the Mexican cartels.

He says he believes they’re taking advantage of Border Patrol agents busy with processing migrantssaying members of the cartels aer using the opportunity to smuggle drugs across unattended areas of the border.