The Borderlands Brewing Company is acquiring the rights to Dillinger Brewing Company‘s intellectual property and brands.

Eric Sipe and Aaron Long founded Dillinger Brewing about seven years ago, brewing popular options for the community like the Tiki Party Sour, Mangonada Sour and Roadrunner Red. Borderlands Brewing is making it clear its committed to continuing on the legacy Dillinger has crafted.

These two breweries shared the joint statement:

Taking this legacy forward, Borderlands Brewing prides itself on being a pioneer in another significant aspect of the brewing industry: our all-female brewing facility, helmed by Ayla Kapahi and Savanna Saldate. Their leadership, combined with our team’s dedication, ensures that we craft beers that not only taste exceptional but also represent a broader spectrum of voices and influences. We want to convey our profound gratitude to Eric and Aaron. Their vision, determination, and indelible impact on Tucson’s beer scene is irreplaceable. As custodians of the Dillinger legacy, we pledge to nurture and enrich it, blending in the craft, innovation, and passion that both breweries stand for. To the Tucson community: Rest assured, as stewards of the cherished Dillinger legacy, we are dedicated to ensuring that the flavors and experiences you’ve come to love remain intact. As we blend the artistry and traditions of both breweries, you can look forward to a renewed yet familiar beer journey, reflecting the very best of what both Borderlands and Dillinger have to offer.

Together, Borderlands Brewing CEO Es Teran, Sipe and Long are thanking the Tucson community for their unwavering support and trust.

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