This Saturday, Boys and Girls Clubs of Tucson is celebrating its Youth of the Year, Jaydon Moore. The club’s honoree for 2023-2024, Moore has been a member for the past nine years and has represented both the clubs and the city’s youth.

Moore mentioned how the club has significantly impacted his life. “I came to the Boys and Girls Club for the opportunities and the chances Ive been given,” he said.

Achieving Youth of the Year has provided Moore with a positive outlook on his future. “Coming from my background, not many people go to college. My goals of going to college now feels that much closer,” he added.

Moore mentioned how the club is a vital part of our community. “The Boys and Girls Club offers many opportunities to build leadership and group skills, which are essential for our Tucson community,” he said.

For Moore, the club has been more than a place to go; it’s created a lasting impact.

“Being a Club kid is about more than the daily activities. It expands to everything you learn and the relationships you build,” he said.

Moore will be celebrated this Saturday for his hard work and encourages all Tucson kids to join a club to experience all of the opportunities The Boys and Girls Club brings.