It’s an issue that’s hard to get over: Thousands of bridges across the country are in poor condition, separating communities and isolating Americans.

The Biden administration has announced plans to fix many of these bridges, but the rate repairs are happening means many of the 14,000 bridges will remain in a state of neglect for years.

Data specific to Arizona shows more than 50 bridges that are considered in ‘poor ‘condition by the Federal Highway Administration (FHA). Fourteen of those are here in Southern Arizona.

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KGUN 9 has compiled official ratings for 11 of those bridges in the region. The ratings telling us just how bad the condition of the bridge really is, with the lower the ratings, indicating worse bridge conditions.

Score above 5

The 22nd Street Bridge has been part of the Tucson landscape since 1966, and is already being worked on. A $25 million expansion and makeover for the 22nd Street Bridge over Aviation Highway should take about 2.5 – 3 years to complete. Two bridges on the way to Madera Canyon are nearly 90 years old, crossing over the Medium and Florida Canyon Washes. Just south of Benson, a bridge on State Route 80 crosses over the San Pedro River and is also listed in poor condition.

Score between 4 – 5

Two Marana bridges crossing the Santa Cruz River One bridge in Ajo, at Telera street over the Ajo Wash

Score of 4

The FHA has given two bridges in Bisbee the lowest ratings: Arizona Street in Warren has one 90-year-old bridge that runs over a ditch Moon Canyon Road has a 120-year-old bridge over a storm drain

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