The ‘Building a Dream’ Job Fair opened its doors to job-seeking members of our community with disabilities, aiming to foster a more inclusive and diverse workforce. With 30 dedicated employers in attendance, this event, now in its second decade, has become a beacon of hope for those in search of meaningful employment.

One of the attendees at this job fair was Suzie Rucker, who shared her motivation for being there, saying, “anything to be inspired by who you are inside your heart or something that sparks your interest.”

Employers such as ANB Services played a vital role at the fair, actively helping community members find meaningful employment opportunities. Ashley Ford of ANB Services said, “we help people in the community with employment who have disabilities or disadvantages, being there to support them through the hardest part of getting a job.”

Brett Phillipy, another employer at ANB Services, shared his perspective, saying, “I’ve had clients who never thought they would be getting this far, and you know what? I help them with getting their dream job, getting 90 days of employment, making them see that they can do a lot more in this community and just kick butt.”

The event saw an impressive turnout of 550 people, marking a substantial increase of over a hundred from the last fair in Aprila good indicator of the growing enthusiasm for initiatives that promote inclusivity and providing employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.