Businesses that relied on cross border tourism are seeing huge dips in revenue just one week after the Lukeville Port of Entry closed.

CBP made the call last week to close down legal travel so port officers could help border patrol with the surge in illegal immigration.

The Why Not Travel Store manager in Why, Arizona, says business has come to a near standstill.

Its been slow. Weve had to cut hours,” Nez said.

Their main customers are drivers filling up for gas before they cross the border and head to Rocky Point.

Bernadette Nez tells me since the Lukeville Port closed theyve made only $5,000.

Thats how much we usually make in a day.

Adding if the port stays closed the store cant afford to stay open seven days a week.

If its going to be like another two to three weeks, then well have to be open a few days a week,” Nez said.

South of the border, beaches in Rocky Point are empty.

And Hector Vazquez del M’s Las Palomas resort has 3% occupancy.

Its really, really bad,” Vazquez del M said. “It is worse than the COVID pandemic.

He says if the resorts are empty, it has a domino effect on bars, restaurants, shops, tours and more.

I would say if the port isnt opened by Christmas, a lot of businesses will close,” Vazquez del M said.

Theres no timetable for when it could reopen.

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs, and Arizona Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly have sent letters to President Biden asking him to let the state National Guard help re-open the port.