January 1 will mark the first day for the new minimum wage taking effect.

The 50-cent increase will bring the Arizona minimum wage to $14.35.

But some Tucsonans don’t think its enough.

I personally think it needs to go up higher. I just know so many people that are in need, said Libby Tobey, manager at Pop Cycle on 4th Avenue.

Pop Cycle pays new employees around $15 an hour and will be raising that in the New Year.

We will we try to support and raise incrementally and give raises when we can, said Tobey.

But some businesses like Everchange Video Games already pays employees more than the minimum.

So just doing a minimum wage and increasing that every couple of years doesn’t really solve anybody’s problem, said Tyler Hume, assistant manager of Everchange,”You got to make sure that you’re paying a livable wage and keeping your employees happy. That’s ultimately what’s most important.”

Hume recalls working for minimum wage growing up and says after moving out from his parents’ home, he realized how unsustainable a life on minimum wage is.

“That’s what really lit the fire, you know, under me, so to speak, to get a higher paying job was moving out and finally having my own responsibilities and bills,” said Hume, “Because there’s no way minimum wage would make it. Let’s just say if my roommate wasn’t a cable tech at the time, I wouldn’t have been able to make it”

Arizona currently has the 7th highest minimum wage across the country.

In 2025, minimum wage will be raised to $15 an hour.