The fall semester is wrapping up at the University of Arizona, which means students are heading out for winter break.

For local businesses throughout Tucson, that means less foot trafficespecially for the businesses on campus.

I would say we’re seeing 40% of what is normally 100%, said Adrianna Ensminger a manager at Pitaya on University in Main Gate Square.

Businesses like Pitaya also employ students. That means when students leave for the holidays, their jobs lose employees for breaks as well.

So if half of my girls are gone, you can expect half of the business that would usually come in to Pitaya is gone as well,” Ensminger said.

Pitaya caters their clothes towards college aged kids, but businesses in the Square like SKNRGY Aesthetics serves older clientele as well.

So during this period, they shift what they offer toward older groups.

“So catering to them for like facial facials, laser treatments, all kinds of things for that there. The people come consistently, so we’re not really super worried about it,” said Bailey Smith, an injector at SKNRGY.

Pitaya is already looking forward to 2024 when the students return.

That first week they come back, which I believe is the second week in January, we should be up and running if not a little bit busier than normal just because everyone will be here, said Ensminger.