“Kids want to talk about kids stuff,” said Canyon View Little League All-Star coach Zak Anderson. “Not what he had to go through.”

Anderson is referring to Lucas Runyonm who he’s known for six years, though the last three of them have been long ones.

It bean in 2020 when Lucas’ other, Angela, was pregnant. A prenatal checkup showed elevated bloodwork known as preeclampsia and hellp syndrome. Her son, Lucas’ baby brother Elliott, was induced six weeks early.

Angela’s condition then worsened, as her kidneys stopped functioning.

“I was scared,” said Ray Runyon, Angela’s husband and Lucas’ father. “The medical staff was doing everything it could. It was really kind of a mystery as to what was going on.

While Elliott was in the NICCU, Anglea bean kidney dialysis, which she was on for three months. By later summer, Angela’s kidneys improved enough for her to be removed from a transplant list. However, the following year, she was hit with another major health issue when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“It was unbelievable to be honest with you,” said Ray Runyon.

Angela was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer, and she immediately began chemotherapy.

“We were going to get back to normal and try to put it in the rear view mirror,” said Lucas Runyon. “And, more health problems came up. Cancer is one thing you can’t put back in the rear view mirror.

As Angela battled cancer, Lucas continued placing baseball. His Canyon View Little League teammates were supportive, at times wearing pink shoelaces.

“They rallied around him,” said Anderson. “They understood what he was going through. And, they helped him get through it.”

“It provided a great place for him to come and do something he really likes which is play baseball,” said Ray Runyon.”

Angela continued treatment.

“She’s strong,” said Ray Runyon. “She’s resilient. She’s persistent. She’s tough.”

Today, Elliott is a healthy three-year old. And, Angela is in remission.

“I’m doing great,” Angela said. “After games, Elliott always wants to give the players a high-five and a hug. We’re just doing really well.”

Meanwhile Lucas has helped Canyon View win the District 5 Little League Majors Title. They are off to the state tournament in Flagstaff.

“He’s got great mechanics and a great attitude,” said Anderson.

“We’re one step closer to the Little League World Series,” said Lucas Runyon.

“We are back to living a full energy life with a full family of three wonderful kids,” said Ray Runyon. “And baseball, lots of baseball,”