Canyon Vista Medical Center and the University of Arizona R. Ken Coit College of Pharmacy teamed up to start a pharmacy residency program at the Sierra Vista hospital.

When we reached out an asked for help, they came to our aid very very quickly, said Canyon Vista CEO Shaun Phillips.

The hospital has worked with the Coit College of Pharmacy for years as a place for students to get rotations and hours while still in school.

Weve already been partnering with them for the last five years,” said Pharmacy Director at Canyon Vista, Lyndsey Oltmans. “This just made sense for us to try and partner in this residency program.

Phillips and Oltmans first discussed the idea of having a pharmacy residency program last July. One year later, the hospital welcomed their first resident this month.

Oltmans said it’s impressive that the team was able to start in a year because she has seen other hospitals take two or more years to get a program up and running.

She credits the new director of the residency program, Nanhee Lee, for being able to cultivate the necessary relationships to build the program.

Having a resident is only going to make all of us as pharmacist better,” Oltmans said. “It keeps us on our toes, up to date on current Information.

“I also think its going to offer up more service lines that we the pharmacists can be more available in more real time.

Phillips said the goal is for the program to be accredited in the spring after an on-site visit. Once accredited, Canyon Vista will have residency programs for internal medicine, family medicine and pharmacy.

Oltmans hopes that next summer, the pharmacy residency program has two or more residents and continues to grow in size because it helps graduates continue their education. She said it also will benefit patients in the community.