If you follow Ironman competitions, or perhaps just notice the side of the road, you’re familiar with Leanda Cave. The Australian born triathlete first moved to Tucson as a young adult.

“This was the ideal location to train here for triathlon,” said Cave.

Her career year came in 201, when she won the Ironman 70.3 mile race. A reporter asked her if she could win the annual ultra triathlon world championship in Hawaii the following month in October.

“And, he said, ‘Wouldn’t it be amazing if you won both,’ and I was like, that’s never going to happen. And, then I won and it was like, oh my gosh. It took a long time to sink in.”

Leanda Cave was the at the top of her sports until injuries hit her hard. She then had a battle with skin cancer.

“It’s really tough when you are on top of the world, and you have these amazing results, and then you can’t show up the next year and do the same.”

After rehabilitating in Florida, Cave came back to win Ironman Sweden in 2014, but her career was sunsetting.

“For me, recovery was probably the one thing I didn’t do well as a professional athlete.”

That self-reflection led to her second career at Innovative Alternative Clinic. She’s licensed to use the latest technology focused on wellness and recover, and the business is used by some of Tucson’s top athletes.

“The Tucson community is so encouraging and supportive.”

The business she’s in is in its first mile.

“We want to grow and we want to be a business that can open in other locations. So, right now, we are here for the long run to make it happen.”

Triathlon star Leanda Cave has moved back to Tucson, to the town that knows her best.

“As soon as I started riding my bike, I bump into people and everyone is like, ‘I remember you.’ It’s feels like I am a Tucson athlete. Retired, but (laughs.)”