A pup made a daring escape from his kennel to seek out a midnight snack, but not before trying to help some friends break out too.

Whenever the alarm goes off at a shelter I get a phone call, I couldn’t figure out what was going on,” shares Lost Our Home Pet Rescue Founder Jodi Polanski.

Turns out one of the shelter’s rescue pups, a Husky named King, set off the alarm.

Camera footage shows the pup escaping his kennel, wandering the halls and then “opening” a door with his own mouth and paws.

There are other dogs in the same room as him and was trying to open up their kennels too, obviously unsuccessful, but, he was trying because he really wanted to party with some friends,” described Polanski.

King then makes his way into the lobby with one goal in mind: a midnight snack.

The police were on their way out there,” revealed Polanski. “In the meantime, I saw the mess in the room, and I’m, ‘Oh my God! There is a dog loose.’

King waits at the front door as the Tempe police officer comes inside to turn the alarm off.

But it’s what happens next which had her surprised once again.

The officer picks up some of the items King knocked over and grabs a broom to clean up the pup’s mess before heading out for another call.

The officer cleaned this up so good and I was like, ‘Oh my God! This is amazing! That was so nice and wasn’t needed or required.’ I should say,” Polanski expressed.

It’s something she hadn’t experienced before.

“This dog is so smart,” Polanski added. “He definitely ruled the place, didn’t he?”

No word on if King has made the ultimate escape to his “fur-ever” home.