A homeowner in Phoenix says her doorbell camera captured video of a woman being chased through their neighborhood.

The video shows a white truck following a female runner.

“I was just cooking in the kitchen, saw kind something go by the front window and then heard the doorbell go off and when we walk outside, the woman in the video was just panicking franticly,” revealed Mandy Hunt. “I couldn’t really understand what she was saying.”

Her doorbell camera captured the white truck following a runner, plus the woman heading to her doorstep for help.

“To be honest I was pretty caught off guard and very hesitant to really say much to her,” shared Hunt. “She asked for my phone and initially, that’s the first thing that went through my mind, that I was going to open this door and there’s going to somebody around this corner.”

The runner only knew how to speak Spanish so Hunt’s husband came out to translate.

They quickly realized what was going on.

“There was truck chasing her through our neighborhood and they were going back and fourth,” Hunt added. “I guess she tried to dodge him a few times. I went back outside and brought her a water and a cold towel because she was so shook up. It was honestly pretty traumatizing seeing that.”

A few minutes later, Hunt and her husband got ahold of the woman’s family and get her home safely.

She says she’s thankful they could help.

“If she didn’t run to our door that night and she just kept trying to run, or was afraid that someone wouldn’t answer, who knows what would of happened to her,” Hunt wondered.

The woman who was chased said she plans to file a police report.