The high school football season is coming to a close with the 4A, 5A, and 6A state title games this weekend.

After a win over Mica Mountain, the Dorados are the last men standing in Southern Arizona.

I know our teams not done, that were not content with just getting there this time,” CDO Football coach, Dustin Peace said.

Peace won a state championship back in 2009 with the Dorados.

But in his years of coaching this group, CDO made it to the second round of playoffs as sophomores. The semi-finals as juniors.

Now as seniors they have a shot at the state title against Yuma Catholic at ASU’s stadium in Tempe.

Its a great way to go out senior year for sure, I just got the chills,” CDO senior, Kayden Luke said.

The running back is one of 28 seniors on this team.

Luke has been arguably the Dorados star player, with 2,086 rushing yards on the season.

But this time around, someone similar to Lukes style of play is on the opposite side of the field.

Were finally playing a team that does what we do,” Peace said. “They like to defend the run, they like to run the ball, theyve also got a 1700-yard rusher. So, itll be a clash of the two backs.

But Peace is confident, his back will come on top.

I wouldn’t like to go to war with anybody else but him,” Peace said. “Hes a game changing player.

And Luke thinks he and his team will surprise the Shamrocks.

I dont think theyre ready for it, I seriously dont” Luke said. “No offense to them but theyre not ready for it, I dont think anybody is. This group of kids is nothing youve seen before.”

The Dorados will take on Yuma Catholic, Friday at 4 p.m.



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