The Yuma-born labor and civil rights organizer Cesar Chavez was born nearly 100 years ago. And today, his legacy is honored as Governor Katie Hobbs declared March 31as Cesar Chavez Day.

Chavez rose to prominence during the 1960s and 1970s as he organized strikes among farm workers. And while he died in 1993, his legacy continues to make an impact today. During the ceremony where Gov. Hobbs declared the commemorative day, Chavez’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren spoke about their gratefulness for this honor.

“The fact that he was born here, worked here and died here is even more reason that we should have had a proclamation earlier,” Alejandro Chavez, one of Cesar Chavez’s grandchildren. said. “And I cannot thank Governor Hobbs enough and the entire body of people that made this happen for really letting the Latinos and workers of Arizona know that they are seen and heard.”

Gov. Hobbs said it was important for the community to honor all the work that Chavez completed in his lifetime.

“He left a legacy of building community and working for everyone’s rights,” Hobbs said.