A convenience store in Three Points is teaming up with a local band, “Glitter And The Zombie Freaks,” to make sure everyone has something under the tree this Christmas.

They hope the box inside KJ’s Convenient Store will get filled to the top in time for their Christmas celebration.

I talked to a guy the other day, and he said, ‘Thanks for doing this because I lost my job and I didnt know what Id be able to do for my daughter. Now she has something to look forward to,'” Glitter said.

Their community festival is planned from 1 to 5 pm on Sunday, Dec. 17 at KJ’s, located on 15150 W. Ajo Hwy.

They are asking for any toys, but specifically want teddy bears for both the kids and seniors in the community.

Christmas time, a lot of people get sad, even adults and the elderly out here. They need something to hug sometimes, and a teddy bear is there if they dont have family that comes over,” Glitter said.

You can donate inside the store when they are open and reach Glitter at (520) 258-9810 to help from your neighborhood if Three Points is out of reach.