Cirque Italia is returning to Tucson for an aquatic acrobatic experience on April 13 through 23.

The circus made a stop in the Old Pueblo last year with its show called Cirque Paranormal and is back for a pirate-themed adventure.

The ensuing journey takes the audience through storms on the high seas, dreams of angelic aerialists, pirate fights, and more. You will see swashbucklers balancing upside down on a rum barrel, juggling knives, and even one having a run-in with a mermaid.

Cirque Italia says they work to modernize the performing arts and circus industries by sticking to strict animal-free policies during their performances.

Cirque Italia presents: Water Circus

When: April 13 through 23 Where: 4500 N. Oracle Rd. (Tucson Mall parking lot) Buy tickets online or at the box office (opens Tuesday, April 11)