Progress is being made towards ratifying the debt ceiling deal brokered by President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Two Arizona Congressmen are weighing in after the deal passed through the House with the support of 165 Democrats and 149 Republicans nearly 100 more votes than the deal needed in order to pass.

Congressman Juan Ciscomani joined the majority of fellow Republicans in voting ‘yes’ on the measure, telling Nine On Your Side that he ultimately supports the deal despite some shortcomings.

“If you ask me of a few things I would have rather see differently on this bill, that’s on top of my list I wish that we would have gotten more on defense,” Ciscomani said. “More than we did get. It is increased. One thing that I’m proud of in increases is more resources for our veterans.”

On the other hand, Congressman Raul Grijalva voted against the proposal.

“I’m voting against House Republicans’ reckless hostage-taking because working people shouldn’t be forced to bear the impacts of Republicans’ chaos and cruelty,” Grijalva said in a press release. “I’m drawing a red line in the sand against devastating cuts that impact the health and well-being of my constituents and the communities I represent.”