Michael Ortega notified the Mayor and Council on Friday of his intent to leave his position as City Manager following the completion of the 2024-’25 budget.

Ortega began serving as City Manager in June of 2015.

Ortega said in an interview with KGUN 9’s Bri Pacelli, that he is stepping away from his position with the city to spend more time with family, find new hobbies and find ways to help others with his skills.

I am proud to have worked for and with the people of this community, alongside our dedicated employees, and at the service of this Mayor and Council,” Ortega said in a news release. “Working together, we have achieved so much over the last eight and a half years. I have complete and total confidence that the bright trajectory that Tucson is on will continue into the future.”

Under Ortega, the City found financial stability following the Great Recession, which helped it weather the challenges of the COVID pandemic, according to the news release. Post-pandemic, his efforts allowed the Council to implement “historic levels” of investment into the community, the release said.

I am grateful for the wonderful partnership I have forged with Michael Ortega and wish him the very best in whatever his future may hold, Mayor Regina Romero said. “As Tucson’s Mayor I have worked hard to set a vision for the Council’s work and thanks to Michaels support and leadership, we have made incredible progress bringing that vision to reality.”

Ortega said in the release that he had no specific plans after his departure. He said in the interview that he expects the budget process to be completed by early summer.

He said in the interview that he has no specific plans to return to the City in the future.