The City of Sierra Vista is moving forward with the installation of ADA compliant multi-use paths in Garden Canyon Linear Park. They are using a $150,000 grant from Arizona State Parks and Trails to fund the project.

According to the City of Sierra Vista’s Facebook page, “The project reflects objectives from the Garden Canyon Linear Park Master Plan, which was created in 2008 with the help of public input. The current phase under construction includes paving ADA accessible pathways and installing a water line for future restrooms at the site.”

City of Sierra Vista Engineer, Bryce Kirkpatrick said the master plan was approved 15 years ago but they didn’t get the funding until 2021.

We build projects as funding permits,” he said. “Weve been able to receive grant funding for this project more recently.

John Wettack, a Cochise County resident, lived in the neighborhoods near Garden Canyon Linear Park when the master plan was being created. He said he used to walk his dog in the park before he started cleaning up and marking a walking path.

I just started brushing out some trails, trimming some trees, cutting the grass and bushes and whatnot,” Wettack said. “And marked them so I would be able to find them.

He said he talked with the city planner at the time about the paths and having a trail for the community.

Its kinda like taking a nature walk without having to drive some place to do it,” Wettack said. “Its good exercise, its nice fresh air and a chance to see birds or bunnies or whatever along the way.

Kirkpatrick said the plan is to have a 2,680 foot path that is designed in a serious of loops at various lengths. The city is making these paths so there is something for everyone.

Essentially in government we have to build and be inclusive to all so this is an attempt to do that for folks that wouldnt otherwise be able to enjoy the more rugged trails, Kirkpatrick said.

Trails on the east and west of the park will remain unpaved. Wettack said he likes that there will be options for people and their needs.

This is handy, rather than walking on the sidewalks or the streets,” he said. “Its a way to get out into a little bit of a nature feel.

Kirkpatrick said educational plaques about the local plants and animals will be added along the path.

KE&G are the contractors working on the project. They expect the project to be complete by mid-April. They are waiting for surveyors to look at the paths to make sure they are the right slop level and meet ADA compliance.

Phase three of the master plan includes adding a restroom, ramadas and grills. There isn’t a time table for when those will be added.