On Bilby Road from Country Club Road to 12th Avenue, a city-sponsored study says there have been 60 crashes and two deaths from 2017 to 2021.

Now the city is proposing major changes to the street layout.

The study looks at removing most of the two-way left turn lane, and also adding bike lanes, on-street parking, and speed tables to slow down drivers.

Anywhere from five to eight thousand vehicles drive on Bilby Road a day.

Now, money from the voter-approved ‘Prop 411’ is bringing a major overhaul.

Tucsonans went to an open house where they could give the city feedback on their plans.

As project manager Patrick Hartley says the input could make a big difference come construction time.

The designs at this point are 15 percent design or conceptual, so theres a lot of change that can happen at this point, Hartley said.

Attendees put sticky notes on a printout of Bilby Road with their suggestions.

Melissa Soto Gonzalez hopes the area around Sunnyside High School makes it easier to pick her niece up from school.

Im usually having to park on the other side then she has to cross the street, shes 16 so its okay but its still worrisome,” Gonzalez said.

Hartley adds safety for students is at the top of mind for the redesign.

You see a lot of activity in front of these schools so we want to make sure we are addressing that with the designs, improving it so it is safer for everybody, Hartley said.

Construction is expected to begin fall of 2025.

If you couldnt make the open house, theres still an opportunity to have your voice heard for voice improvement.

The City of Tucson has an interactive map of Bilby Road on the project website.