It was Dukes Delicious Pizza owner Tim Millers first day at the Pit, and as he cut up slices of pizza, he reflected on the past two years being in business.

There wasnt a pizza guy here so they said, ya, come out, he said about moving to the Pit.

Hes open seven hours a day each day hes open, which accommodates him well for his business.

The City of Tucson just recently approved new rules for food courts like the Pit, which includes food trucks only being allowed to open from 7 A.M. to 10 P.M.

For me its ok, but for like the coffee people, I think it should be like 6 A.M. so that people can get their coffee early, Miller said.

The City is also going to enforce new rules like: no outdoor internal combustion generators, no loudspeakers or live music within 600 feet of homes and on site-management has to be there during all hours of operation.

The City also says only up to half of the trucks will be able to sell items other than just food.

Amber Donahue, the Pits owner said the changes are reasonable. She says she is planning on opening another food truck park with indoor dining and a bar and restaurant.

Meanwhile, Miller said having food trucks together at the Pit gives him more business.

They might come get pizza and see tacos and say oh, I might try those tacos sometime and it builds a food community, he said about his customers.