Tucson will receive more than $10 million in grant funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development for the 2024 fiscal year beginning in July, and city officials want the public’s input on how the funds will be spent.

A one-month public commenting period began on Wednesday, April 5, and will continue until May 5. A public hearing will also happen on May 9 at City Hall.

Community services administrator Jason Thorpe says the annual action plan lays out how that grant money will be spent to address the citys housing crisis.

“This funding is driven into neighborhoods where there is a higher percentage of low- and moderate income people,” he explained. “Or to support services and activities specifically available to low- and moderate-income people.”

Funding is split between four programs, the biggest and least restrictive being the Community Development Block Grant, which will get $5.2 million allocated.

The other three programs are:

HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME): $3,823,036 Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG): $475,189 Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA): $1,043,795

“It allows us to provide funding that can address housing needs, but it also can really address any kind of major need of low and moderate income households or community members,’ Thorpe said.

Once public feedback is received, the annual plan will be sent to HUD as proposed or with potential amendments before receiving funding this summer.

Public comments will be accepted from April 5 – May 5 and can be submitted via email at HCDcomment@tucsonaz.gov


or mailed to: Housing and Community Development Department; c/o Jason Thorpe; 310 North Commerce Park Loop; Tucson AZ 85745.

A public hearing will also happen at City Hall on May 9 during the City of Tucson Mayor and Council’s scheduled meeting at 5:30 p.m.



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