Representatives with the City of Tucson say the new vehicle barrier on Golf Links Road is meant to prevent people living in their cars from driving down to the encampment in the bike park.

At this time theyre not planning on clearing out the rest of the people who are living here.

Since it is a bike path, the only cars allowed there are emergency vehicles.

“All of the vehicles back there have been checked; we’re really trying to prevent unauthorized vehicles from going back there,” Mari Vasquez, multi-agency resource coordinator for the city, said.

But over at Casa Maria Soup Kitchen, owner Brian Flagg says the homeless need more support.

I get calls from people all the time asking for resources,” Flagg said.

He doesnt think the barriers will change much, as the people living in their cars will just go somewhere else.

And while the city says theyre providing resources to the people displaced from Golf Links, Flagg says they need more than just the housing first program.

We need more shelters, we need camps sanctioned by the government, tiny houses, and a bunch of other things,” Flagg said.

The city says right now this is the only area near a homeless encampment theyre putting up the vehicle barriers.